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January 19, 2008

Ubuntu-7.10 is now my default operating system

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Finally done it.
After many days of reading articles about installing ubuntu alongside windows xp, i finally managed to do it today.

I first heared about ubuntu from a friend who gave me a free ubuntu 5.* cd.
I explored ubuntu then from it’s live cd environment and quite liked it.

But i couldn’t explore further, as all i had was a laptop given by my office. So i didn’t want to risk my job by installing ubuntu (hi hi..). But ever since i bought a notebook this christmas, i just couldn’t control myself.

I had a ubuntu-7.04 live cd, but that cd couldn’t boot properly in my notebook and i thought of downloading the “iso” cd image and burn it to a cd. That didn’t work either (for me, atleast).

Then, i ordered for a free 7.10 live cd and got it last week. Later, as i was reading some articles about installing ubuntu alongside windows, i got afraid that a improper install might corrupt my system.

So, i thought of taking a safer route by installing ubuntu using microsoft virtual pc. So I installed ubuntu using virtual pc. This exercise actually helped to understand a lot of about installing ubuntu in particular.

Later, i thought of making a final attempt of installing ubuntu alongside windows xp. Contrary to my expectations, the installation was much much smoother and simpler than i expected. The installation completed in less than 20 minutes in my case.

Wow….i felt very happy at the end.

Whenever my ubuntu boots up, i see it with a sort of pride.

I will share my installation experience shortly…

Bye for now.

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