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February 25, 2008

Some basic linux (ubuntu) commands for windows user

Filed under: unix-linux — James @ 3:40 pm

1. Create a directory
Windows: mkdir
Linux: mkdir

2. Remove a directory
Windows: rmdir
Linux: rmdir

3. Change to a directory
Windows: cd
Linux: cd

4. Change to a previous directory
Windows: cd..
Linux: cd ..(note one space between “cd” and “..”)

5. List content of a directory
Windows: dir
Linux: ls, dir

6. Copy file
Windows: copy
Linux: cp

7. Remove file(s)
Windows: del
Linux: rm

8. Clear the content in command shell
Windows: cls
Linux: clear

9. Display network connection details
Windows: ipconfig
Linux: ifconfig

10. Check connectivity to a machine
Windows: ping
Linux: ping

The windows os referred here is windows xp
The linux os referred here is ubuntu-7.10


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