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March 8, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 Beta released

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NetBeans 6.0 created new waves of enthusiasm among java developers. It is intuitive, easy to use, supported the latest standards and is evolving at a rapid rate.

NetBeans 6.0 brings with it a lot of goodies and is catching up fast with other ides out there.

No wonder, NetBeans won 3 “developer.com” awards last year and won the “jolt” award this year.

However, NetBeans 6.0 was not very efficient in terms of performance. As you create more projects and use the ide the more, NetBeans becomes slower and slower. And if you develop some JSP pages, you can feel the real pain.

Following are the most annoying things I faced in NetBeans 6.0:

– Slower code completion especially while working with large java files.

– Very poor performance while editing JSP pages.

– Slow startup especially if many projects are open.

– Downloading and installing plugins run in “foreground” thus blocking my work.

As they always do, the NetBeans team listens continuously to the community and they quickly reacted to it by starting their work for 6.1 release.

The goal of NetBeans 6.1 is “Improved Performance”. Though, I haven’t tried the 6.1 beta yet, the facts they have published are quite interesting. I would like to try the release shortly and verify that on my own. I hope most of the “annoyances” faced by me are fixed in this release.

You can see more about the new NetBeans features in the following links:

NetBeans 6.1 Feature Highlights

New and Noteworthy features in NetBeans 6.1


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