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August 31, 2008

Wake yourself up with Kuku Klok Online Alarm

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Tired of using the alarm in your mobile phone to wake yourself up?
Try Kuku Klok online alarm clock. I occasionally stumbled across this interesting utility, but found it quite useful. One cool thing about this product it that once you setup the alarm, they claim that you don’t need “internet connection” for the alarm to work. (Some javascript hack..?). Currently they provide you few alarm tones like “Cockerl”, “Classic alarm”, “Guitar” etc..


August 8, 2008

Which one do you own..?

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I happened to stumble upon the following image today. Very nice.
So which one do you own..? Windows, Mac or Linux…? Hmm….I’m still using that old windows with “xp” engine as my primary car..

August 7, 2008

Stunning OpenSolaris running on VirtualBox

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With VirtualBox in hand, installing operating systems is just like installing firefox or 7zip. It’ so easy. Previously I use to shy away from trying linux, but now, I never miss to install my favourite linux distros in my windows xp machine. Thanks VirtualBox.

Having tried many versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and PCLinuxOS, I thought of trying Solaris, but it was never easy. I ordered a free Solaris DVD from Sun but it would never install inside VirtualBox. I always viewed Solaris as something very complex to setup and needs extensive knowledge about it. My experience of installing it on VirtualBox reinforced it. I kept trying few times and eventually gave up.

But this is history now. As Sun took over VirtualBox from innotek, I hope the first thing they did was to provide excellent support for Solaris in it. Recently as I was pondering the VirtualBox website, I saw that they are providing good integration with Solaris in their latest version. What do you think I would have done…?

You are right. I straightaway dowloaded the latest version of VirtualBox along with OpenSolaris. (OpenSolaris iso image was only 686MB). What happened next was simply stunning…


August 6, 2008

Communication Gap?

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Today I happened to stumble across a very funny page. One can really see this in many projects.
Very interesting. Hope you enjoy it too

August 5, 2008

Openoffice.org wins 3 SourceForge.net community choice awards

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Openoffice.org, the increasingly popular open source office suite has won 3 SourceForge.net community choice awards. It has been chosen as the winner in three categories:

– Best Project (Finalists: Drupal, Firebird, FreeMind, XAMPP and so on..)
– Best Project for the enterprise (Finalists: Drupal, Magento, LimeSurvey and so on..)
– Best Project for the educators (Finalists: Drupak, Claroline and so on…)

Other interesting facts from the survey:

phpMyAdmin the web based MySQL administration tool, voted as the winner in “Most likely to be the next $1B acquistion”.
VLC media player was voted as the “Best project for Multimedia”
Notepad++ was voted as the “Best tool or utility for developers”

I use Openoffice.org, VLC, Notepad++ and it’s great to see these products getting some much needed recognition.

Now the big question..

Which open source products do you use and which is your favourite? It would be really great if you can share about this.


SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards 2008

August 1, 2008

Extending Subversion with Apache

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In one of my previous post, I explained about using TortoiseSVN with subversion. Continuing in the same vein, we will see how to extend subversion with the Apache web server. Apache, the most popular http server in the world provides powerful extension point to your subversion repositories and a strong understanding of how these two technologies work together is very important for those who are into it.


– To learn how to configure Apache http server to provide remote access to subversion repositories.
– To learn how to configure authorization and access control to subversion repositories through Apache http server.


Subversion 1.4.6 for Apache 2.2


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