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November 30, 2008

jUploadr – A cool upload tool for Flickr

I upload photos regularly to my flickr account. Till now, I used the built-in web based upload tool offered by flickr. I’ve used both the basic version and the flash based version of their upload tool on both windows and linux. However, as I upload more and more photos, I didn’t enjoy the web based upload tool offered by flickr. That doesn’t mean the web based upload tool is not good. It’s really good and based on your taste and need, it might be the only tool you would like to use to upload photos to your flickr account.

My taste was different. I preferred a desktop upload tool and initially looked for some firefox add-ons. I tried some add-ons but they were really a nightmare! Some of them crashed my browser and some of them slowed down firefox. So, I quickly removed them and lived with the default web based upload tool offered by flickr. Of late, as I was looking for some desktop tools, I found some tools listed down in the official flickr site. There are some official flickr desktop tools for both windows and mac, but sadly, there are no official tools for linux. This is not the first time linux had been treated as a third class citizen by many vendors! Nevertheless, there are so many third party applications avaliable for linux. And if there is one tool which immediately got my attention, it’s jUploadr. The beauty of jUploadr is, unlike many other flickr tools, which were available for a dedicated operating system, jUploadr can run on linux, mac and windows.

It’s a java based tool (Though I didn’t like the fact that it is based on swt. I love swing!) and it’s screenshots were promisiing. So I thought of giving it a try and downloaded the linux bundle. Then I found an excellent article title Installing jUploadr with Menu Installation“, which precisely explained the installation procedure. Within few minutes, I had jUploadr installed in my system with menu configuration as well. Now I can access jUploadr from “Applications -> Internet -> jUploadr”.

Before uploading photos to flickr, I had to authenticate jUploadr to use my flickr account. This is how you should do that:

1. Start jUploadr. You will see the default main window of jUploadr.

2. Open “Edit -> Accounts -> New Flickr Account” from the menu.

3. jUploadr will prompt you with an “Authorization” dialog.

4. When you click the “Authorize” button, jUploadr will open your browser and ask you to sign in into your flickr account.

5. Once you sign in, you will see a “Approval required” page displayed by flickr.

6. If you approve jUploadr, then flickr will display the following page to you.

7. Now come back to jUploadr and click the “Complete Authorization” button.

8. That’s it, now you can drag and drop your photos into jUploadr and upload it to your flickr account by clicking the “Upload” button

9. This is how the jUploadr main window will look in the midst of the uploading process.

With jUploadr, it’s very easy to upload photos to your flickr account. I now use it as the primary tool for uploading photos to flickr. There are many more options and even some plugins available. Explore them and have fun!

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  1. Great writeup 🙂 I’m just building my wordpress and I am more of a video and picture person than a blogger so thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

    Comment by ahamedia — December 8, 2008 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

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