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January 30, 2009

Ubuntu Network File System

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I recently came across a scenario where I wanted to access the NetBeans projects located in another computer. That was a Ubuntu machine as well so I naturally went for the “Remote Desktop Viewer” (since I’m used to it when I was using Windows) feature available in my Ubuntu and opened NetBeans IDE in the remote machine to work with the projects. That was painfully slow, so I went to the “Terminal Server Client” with the protocol as “VNC”. Not much difference. These options were ok to just connect to a remote machine and perform simple operations. But when you want to work on a set of files for a long period of time inside an IDE, that’s a different story.

I use keyboard shortcuts heavily in NetBeans IDE and whenever I issue a series of commans via the keyboard, the remote desktop connection went havoc and got struck inbetween. I had to periodically disconnect and connect to the remote session again which was really painful.

Here my need is to access a set of files located in another machine. I really don’t want to view the desktop of the remote machine nor need to run some applications from there. So I was looking for other options and came across a really fantastic concept called Network File System or shortly NFS.



January 29, 2009

Nimbus – A great theme for Ubuntu

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I recently tried the cool and fresh “nimbus” theme (which is the default theme on OpenSolaris) on my Ubuntu 8.10. It’s really pleasant and relaxing. And run NetBeans with “nimbus” look and feel explicitly set to have a really pleasing effect. And here are some screenshots from my Ubuntu:

You can get the nimbus icons and themes from gnome-look.org. Just download the “icon” and “gtk-engine” debs and run it. (TIP: First install the “icon” deb)

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