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April 19, 2009

Why there is no official Live CD for Microsoft Windows?

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The first time I ever knew about a “Live CD” is when a friend gave me a “Ubuntu Live CD”. That was three years back and since then I’ve tried many versions of linux. Thanks to this concept, I was able to try and see how the operating system will look like, before rushing to install it on my hard disk. Sad that Microsoft never gives us this option “Try before you install”.

The Live CD’s helped me to evaluate various features offered by many linux distros. And there are some linux distros like “GParted Live”, “Knoppix” etc which are made specifically to run as Live CD.

So I wondered, “Is there a official Live CD for Windows?”. By seeing from what many linux distros have achieved, making a “Live CD” need not be rocket science. Even the smallest of linux distros provide “Live CD” option. Why not Microsoft, which has billions of dollars in it’s pocket?

As I was looking around in the web to find out more details, I found this interesting post from an Ubuntu forum:

“I rarely use the word “never”, because such statements are so often proven wrong. However, I think I’m fairly safe in saying that Windows will never have a LiveCD, because that would mean that any person could run Windows on any machine that can boot from the disc. And all someone would have to do is essentially copy the cd to a partition and make it bootable, and they have an installation of Windows. Microsoft would never allow that as long as Windows is a commercial product.

They don’t even like you to transfer your own paid-for copy of Windows to another computer you own. In what world would they ever produce a LiveCD???”

What do you think? Will Microsoft ever release a Live CD for Windows?


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