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September 13, 2008

Why firefox will be loved by it’s users inspite of…

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By default, firefox is nothing more than a web browser and can make little difference for those who are using Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome etc. And as such, you might not find firefox to be great. And that is true, infact, firefox in it’s default “avatar” offers nothing more than tabbed browsing, basic bookmarking, search etc.

Though there might be many users who like the simplistic firefox browser, I believe the majority of them love firefox because of it’s plugins or add-ons. Firefox provides a rich set of plugins for so many things that you cannot even imagine. And sometimes it is very difficult to choose the right plugin for you from the plugin ocean.

There are plugins to download video, block flash-ads, manage blogs, manage bookmarks and so on and on..Add the innumerable “themes” and list is mind boggling.

These plugins turn firefox into such a powerful tool that you can hardly come out once you start using it. I would like to mention my favourite firefox plugins which makes my life easy when I surf. I’m a kind of person who prefers “simplicity” and as such I don’t use lots of plugins. I use what I need most and as a result, the plugins I use are few. So here is my list (in no particular order)…


July 26, 2008

A blog editing tool that every blogger must have

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I’m a regular blogger using the online editor provided by wordpress. It is quite useful. After all, I wrote all my previous blogs using that.But it was not adequate for me. Why?

– I have to be online first of all to use the editor provided by blog service provider (wordpress).
– The online editor was not very responsive as the drafts were saved on the server.
– Suppose if my internet connection gets interrupted inbetween, I cannot save my post.

These were some of the few nuances I was facing without ever complaining about it. Luckily, I came across an article about “desktop blog editors” today. That was interesting because, I always thought that the online editor provided by my blog service provider is the only way to write/post blogs.

I noticed from this poll that increasingly more and more bloggers are now making use of some desktop editors. So I decided to try some of these blog editors and find which one suits me best. Only two products interested me, they are:


March 15, 2008

Make Gmail your online storage space with firefox

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You know that Gmail offers more than 6GB of free storage space for your email account. In my case, I have more than 4.5 GB of free space in GB. Why not use it effectively?

Say, you want to backup some important files online to retrieve it later. One option is to signup for some free online storage/backup providers. But most of them offer around 1GB of free space only with a few offering upto 5 GB. But there are lot of factors to consider. You cannot just put your important document in some startup company’s online storage space. You need more confidence, right? What else is more trustworthy than your email account? After all, you have all your important mails there, right?

As I already mentioned, why not use the unused space in your gmail account to store/backup your files? Let’s see how to do just that.


March 10, 2008

My favourite firefox extensions

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One of the main strength of firefox is it’s plugin eco-system. Though there are many alternatives to firefox, there are very less alternatives to the firefox plugins.

Following are the extensions or add-ons i use with firefox:

– Tabbed browsing. (Provides lots of tab control options)

– IE tab (Mainly to view sites which doesn’t show properly in firefox)

– Fox Clocks (To view the time of different timezones across the globe)

– Delicious Bookmarks (To integrate into my delicious account)

– TamilKey (To type in tamil)

Added on March 15, 2008:

– GSpace (To use Gmail as online storage)

What are your favourites?

What’s new in Firefox 3?

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Firefox denied an absolute monopoly of Internet Explorer in the browser market with it’s cool set of features.

With a strong community, firefox often sets new standards and other browsers, especially IE are playing catchup with it.

Firefox became extremely popular because of concepts called “tabbed browsing”, multitude of plugins (which are quite safe), popup blocker (i think microsoft introduced this in IE only in windows xp service pack 2) etc, etc..

Now firefox has matured a lot and is marching proudly towards it’s third release.

Firefox Beta 3 has been released and if you want to try it, grab it from here.

One of the major complaints about firefox nowadays is that it’s not fast enough like it use to be in early days. One of the goals of Firefox 3 looks like improving the performance.

Some of the new features in Firefox 3 which got my attention are:


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