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August 26, 2009

What UML Tools do you use?

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Poll: What UML Tools do you use?

April 19, 2009

Why there is no official Live CD for Microsoft Windows?

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The first time I ever knew about a “Live CD” is when a friend gave me a “Ubuntu Live CD”. That was three years back and since then I’ve tried many versions of linux. Thanks to this concept, I was able to try and see how the operating system will look like, before rushing to install it on my hard disk. Sad that Microsoft never gives us this option “Try before you install”.

The Live CD’s helped me to evaluate various features offered by many linux distros. And there are some linux distros like “GParted Live”, “Knoppix” etc which are made specifically to run as Live CD.

So I wondered, “Is there a official Live CD for Windows?”. By seeing from what many linux distros have achieved, making a “Live CD” need not be rocket science. Even the smallest of linux distros provide “Live CD” option. Why not Microsoft, which has billions of dollars in it’s pocket?

As I was looking around in the web to find out more details, I found this interesting post from an Ubuntu forum:

“I rarely use the word “never”, because such statements are so often proven wrong. However, I think I’m fairly safe in saying that Windows will never have a LiveCD, because that would mean that any person could run Windows on any machine that can boot from the disc. And all someone would have to do is essentially copy the cd to a partition and make it bootable, and they have an installation of Windows. Microsoft would never allow that as long as Windows is a commercial product.

They don’t even like you to transfer your own paid-for copy of Windows to another computer you own. In what world would they ever produce a LiveCD???”

What do you think? Will Microsoft ever release a Live CD for Windows?


November 30, 2008

jUploadr – A cool upload tool for Flickr

I upload photos regularly to my flickr account. Till now, I used the built-in web based upload tool offered by flickr. I’ve used both the basic version and the flash based version of their upload tool on both windows and linux. However, as I upload more and more photos, I didn’t enjoy the web based upload tool offered by flickr. That doesn’t mean the web based upload tool is not good. It’s really good and based on your taste and need, it might be the only tool you would like to use to upload photos to your flickr account.

My taste was different. I preferred a desktop upload tool and initially looked for some firefox add-ons. I tried some add-ons but they were really a nightmare! Some of them crashed my browser and some of them slowed down firefox. So, I quickly removed them and lived with the default web based upload tool offered by flickr. Of late, as I was looking for some desktop tools, I found some tools listed down in the official flickr site. There are some official flickr desktop tools for both windows and mac, but sadly, there are no official tools for linux. This is not the first time linux had been treated as a third class citizen by many vendors! Nevertheless, there are so many third party applications avaliable for linux. And if there is one tool which immediately got my attention, it’s jUploadr. The beauty of jUploadr is, unlike many other flickr tools, which were available for a dedicated operating system, jUploadr can run on linux, mac and windows.


November 22, 2008

Adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) growing rapidly in public sector

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I recently attended a conference titled “Open Source Economy” organized by Sun Microsystems and some government institutions of Malaysia. I was very excited to hear about the increasing adoption of Open Source Software (here after OSS) in the public sector in Malaysia. I also came to know that this adoption started way back in 2003. Here are some facts I collected from it:

– The government of Malaysia has setup an Open Source Competency Center (OSCC) which is responsible for the adoption of OSS in public sector institutions. There are many information and statistics available from their portal.

– 1208% increase in the use of OSS in public sector since 2003.

– Collaboration with universities to incorporate OSS into syllabus and to increase the use of OSS in ICT labs.

– Several states were issued circulars to use OSS.

– Openoffice.org is now the most widely used office suite in public sector.

– Other open source softwares used are Firefox, Thunderbird, Java, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCRM

– 300,000 PCs in schools to use Openoffice.org. They are now using MS Office. Looks like a bad news for MS 😦

– Collaborating with countries like Australia, South Africa etc to set up centres similar to OSCC.

Many notebooks I saw in the presentation booths were running Ubuntu Linux. Very refreshing.

As an open source enthusiast, this really is a great news for me. I will be very happy if Linux is also accepted in the same way like Openoffice.org.

November 8, 2008

Power up those under utilized usb pen drives with portable apps

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I have few usb pen drives (or thumb drives) with storage capacities in the range of 2 to 8 GB. But I hardly use all the storage capacity offered by my pen drives. I normally use it to share files between computers.

I also had a problem with my old laptop which has only 60GB of hard disk space. As a result I always strive to have applications as few as possible. This was a huge hindrance for me to try some really excellent utilities like CCleaner, JKDefrag etc. Not to mention a few handy games to play when I get bored.

At one end, I had the problem of plenty of unused storage space in my usb pen drives and at the other end I faced acute shortage of disk space in my laptop. If only I can utilize my pen drives efficiently and make both ends meet (to some extent), how nice it would be?


September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Unearthed

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So, how does Google Chrome fair? Does it live up to the expectation? I too had the same questions in my mind and I thought of trying it today and I have explained my experience in this post.

(For those who are wondering what Google Chrome is all about, read my post Google takes the browser war one step further with Google Chrome.)

As I mentioned in my previous post, Google Chrome promises a lot of “innovative” things and claims to be designed from scratch to serve “applications” and not merely web pages. I chose to bring firefox to do some comparisons so see how well Google Chrome has done. Ok, does it live upto it’s promises?

First let us start with some good things I found Google Chrome ( Yes, you are right, there are “some” bad things I found as well!)


Google takes the browser war one step further with Google Chrome

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In the beginning, there was Netscape Navigator and then came Internet Explorer, then Mozilla Firefox and what’s next..? This might be the question somebody had in Google and they came out with a answer called “Google Chrome“.

But I asked myself, “What’s the point of a new browser, in an already crowded place?”. And especially when firefox has begun to stretch it’s empire as a world class open source software, do I really need another browser? So, I quickly ignored any further thoughts about it until I came across this comic book released by Google itself. First I thought it might be a one page cartoon targeting non-technical users, but, I was wrong. Google has done a remarkable job in finding a new (or rather old) way to advertise their product. As we all know pictures speak louder than words, this comic book also speaks very loudly. (Ofcourse about Google Chrome). After reading the comic book yesterday, I quickly searched for the download link, only to know that it will be available for download only from September 03, 2008.

Some of the interesting things I noted from the comic book were:

– Multithreaded tab control, which means more swifter browsing and less bloating.
– Windows task manager style information to know which tab/page “eats up” more memory.
– Faster Javascript engine with advanced garbage collection to make Web 2.0 pages load much much faster.
– Address bar inside each tab.
– “Detachable” tabs. Yeh, they promise you can just detach your tab from one Google Chrome browser window to another.
– Fully open source.
– Built in google suggest in address bar.
– On startup, displays the “most visited” 9 pages as the welcome page.

So what do you think I would have done? I was itching my hand to download and try this new product. And I did so today from Google Chrome download page. I have already started using it, but haven’t explored all it’s “promised features” yet. But the browser looks promising. Let me come back after digging deep into Google Chrome. Till then, stay tuned!

September 1, 2008

The Best Antivirus of 2008

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Of late, the antivirus marketplace has become crowded with more and more players. Recently, a survey has been conducted among users about the best antivirus software of 2008. It’s not very tough to imagine the contenders, which definitely might include players like AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, etc etc..Who do you think the winner is..?


August 31, 2008

Wake yourself up with Kuku Klok Online Alarm

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Tired of using the alarm in your mobile phone to wake yourself up?
Try Kuku Klok online alarm clock. I occasionally stumbled across this interesting utility, but found it quite useful. One cool thing about this product it that once you setup the alarm, they claim that you don’t need “internet connection” for the alarm to work. (Some javascript hack..?). Currently they provide you few alarm tones like “Cockerl”, “Classic alarm”, “Guitar” etc..

August 8, 2008

Which one do you own..?

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I happened to stumble upon the following image today. Very nice.
So which one do you own..? Windows, Mac or Linux…? Hmm….I’m still using that old windows with “xp” engine as my primary car..

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