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February 10, 2008

Designing a small web application using various web frameworks

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I’m planning to write a small web application using various web frameworks. This will be useful for anyone who is new to web application development. Also it might help someone to choose the best web framework for their application.

Servlets are the foundation of any web framework, so i’m planning to create the application first using plain servlets and jsp. We will leverage some design patterns and best practices available.

After that i’m planning to design the same application using some popular web frameworks, notably:

– Struts (yes, the same old struts, not struts2)
– Apache Wicket

I hope this exercise will be helpful to understand and learn these web frameworks.


January 19, 2008

Ubuntu-7.10 is now my default operating system

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Finally done it.
After many days of reading articles about installing ubuntu alongside windows xp, i finally managed to do it today.

I first heared about ubuntu from a friend who gave me a free ubuntu 5.* cd.
I explored ubuntu then from it’s live cd environment and quite liked it.

But i couldn’t explore further, as all i had was a laptop given by my office. So i didn’t want to risk my job by installing ubuntu (hi hi..). But ever since i bought a notebook this christmas, i just couldn’t control myself.

I had a ubuntu-7.04 live cd, but that cd couldn’t boot properly in my notebook and i thought of downloading the “iso” cd image and burn it to a cd. That didn’t work either (for me, atleast).

Then, i ordered for a free 7.10 live cd and got it last week. Later, as i was reading some articles about installing ubuntu alongside windows, i got afraid that a improper install might corrupt my system.

So, i thought of taking a safer route by installing ubuntu using microsoft virtual pc. So I installed ubuntu using virtual pc. This exercise actually helped to understand a lot of about installing ubuntu in particular.

Later, i thought of making a final attempt of installing ubuntu alongside windows xp. Contrary to my expectations, the installation was much much smoother and simpler than i expected. The installation completed in less than 20 minutes in my case.

Wow….i felt very happy at the end.

Whenever my ubuntu boots up, i see it with a sort of pride.

I will share my installation experience shortly…

Bye for now.

January 17, 2008

Hot news…Sun to acquire MySQL

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To learn more, please read my post in javalobby here

December 11, 2007

Google’s excellent new service..!!!

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Guys who want to type in their regional fonts (for example, in an indian language) can rely upon google’s “Transliteration service”, a wonderful effort from google.

Just type in english and press “space bar” to watch the typed text getting automatically “trans scripted” to your language of choice.

Just a small example here in the indian language “tamil”.

To say “Wishes” in tamil, i just type “vaazhthukkal” and press space.
Google trans scripts it into “வாழ்த்துக்கள்” (this might not be displayed properly in firefox, view this page in IE to see it better)

Check the link below to explore further:

Google Transliteration

சும்மா அதிருத்திலே

December 10, 2007

Vote for developer.com’s Product of the Year 2008

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Don’t miss this great opportunity.
Cast your vote for your favorite tool/technology.

Yes, NetBeans, Eclipse, Glassfish etc.. are in the list

Click the link here to go to the poll booth.

Product of the year 2008

Hurry! The voting ends on December 21, 2007.

July 24, 2007

Near the historic Christ Church in Malacca

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Around the historic “reddish” Christ Church built by the Dutch rulers in 1754 A.D.
Colourful place indeed.

Malacca Trip

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You can see me (in right corner with blue jeans) there tasting a dutch lady !!.

In the picture are my colleagues (from top left) Deepak (thoppi waala), Mahesh, Rajesh, Johnson Uncle, Karthikeyan, K.S.Raja and yours truly.

The photographer is M.Sankar (who was my classmate in college and has been a colleague for a long while)

July 23, 2007

Logging into the blogosphere…..

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Hi everybody,
It’s very nice to enter into the blogging community.

A brief and short introduction here about me.

I’m James Selvakumar from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

I’m currently working in a software firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Some of my hobbies are blogging (!!!!), reading books, developing software.

I’m very interested in reading/blogging about Travel/Tamil/Java

Stay tuned…

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