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July 26, 2008

A blog editing tool that every blogger must have

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I’m a regular blogger using the online editor provided by wordpress. It is quite useful. After all, I wrote all my previous blogs using that.But it was not adequate for me. Why?

– I have to be online first of all to use the editor provided by blog service provider (wordpress).
– The online editor was not very responsive as the drafts were saved on the server.
– Suppose if my internet connection gets interrupted inbetween, I cannot save my post.

These were some of the few nuances I was facing without ever complaining about it. Luckily, I came across an article about “desktop blog editors” today. That was interesting because, I always thought that the online editor provided by my blog service provider is the only way to write/post blogs.

I noticed from this poll that increasingly more and more bloggers are now making use of some desktop editors. So I decided to try some of these blog editors and find which one suits me best. Only two products interested me, they are:


March 10, 2008

My favourite firefox extensions

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One of the main strength of firefox is it’s plugin eco-system. Though there are many alternatives to firefox, there are very less alternatives to the firefox plugins.

Following are the extensions or add-ons i use with firefox:

– Tabbed browsing. (Provides lots of tab control options)

– IE tab (Mainly to view sites which doesn’t show properly in firefox)

– Fox Clocks (To view the time of different timezones across the globe)

– Delicious Bookmarks (To integrate into my delicious account)

– TamilKey (To type in tamil)

Added on March 15, 2008:

– GSpace (To use Gmail as online storage)

What are your favourites?

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