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November 22, 2008

Adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) growing rapidly in public sector

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I recently attended a conference titled “Open Source Economy” organized by Sun Microsystems and some government institutions of Malaysia. I was very excited to hear about the increasing adoption of Open Source Software (here after OSS) in the public sector in Malaysia. I also came to know that this adoption started way back in 2003. Here are some facts I collected from it:

– The government of Malaysia has setup an Open Source Competency Center (OSCC) which is responsible for the adoption of OSS in public sector institutions. There are many information and statistics available from their portal.

– 1208% increase in the use of OSS in public sector since 2003.

– Collaboration with universities to incorporate OSS into syllabus and to increase the use of OSS in ICT labs.

– Several states were issued circulars to use OSS.

– Openoffice.org is now the most widely used office suite in public sector.

– Other open source softwares used are Firefox, Thunderbird, Java, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCRM

– 300,000 PCs in schools to use Openoffice.org. They are now using MS Office. Looks like a bad news for MS 😦

– Collaborating with countries like Australia, South Africa etc to set up centres similar to OSCC.

Many notebooks I saw in the presentation booths were running Ubuntu Linux. Very refreshing.

As an open source enthusiast, this really is a great news for me. I will be very happy if Linux is also accepted in the same way like Openoffice.org.

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