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November 26, 2008

Excellent list of quality opensource Ubuntu applications

Wow, today looks like a great day for me as a Ubuntu user. I normally don’t like stuffs like “Top 10 must have tools for your blah blah” kind of things. I got bored by reading the same stuff again and again especially when I hear application list for windows. But today I came across a very good collection of opensource Ubuntu applications and this one looks very interesting (might be because I’m new to the linux world). I think almost all of these apps can be used on many linux distros and not just Ubuntu.

Since the author is a graphic designer you can see a lot of “graphics” related tools but there are other good collection as well. And my personal favourite among the applications listed is “NetBeans“. Not that I don’t know about NetBeans before, infact, I have been using NetBeans for almost three and a half years now. It’s really a top notch opensource IDE for Java programming.

What applications do you use on your Ubuntu machine? What are your favourite apps?

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