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July 22, 2008

Easiest way to try linux on windows

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Ever had these questions in your mind..?

– You are a windows user but want to try linux

– You are interested in trying linux but don’t want to ditch windows either

– You want linux and windows in your machine without disturbing each other

– You are afraid of installing linux as it might make your machine unusable or might destroy your data

If your answer is “yes”, read further…


February 18, 2008

MS Virtual PC vs VirutalBox

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Working on ubuntu running on top of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 started giving me lot of problems. Some of them are:
1. Need lots of tweaking during installation of ubuntu in virtual pc to provide even basic mouse integration. Need to enter additional parameters (i8042.noloop) during boot up and then need to configure some system settings to make the mouse work in ubuntu running under virtual pc.
2. No smooth mouse integration. You need to click inside the virtual operating system for the mouse to be effective inside and need to press “Right Alt” key to come out of virtual os.
3. No mouse scrolling support at all.
4. In a nutshell, virtual pc bothers least about linux environments. No addons, nothing. ( Please correct me if I’m wrong here. Thank you)

So, I started looking for alternatives.

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